7 Best Sparkling Ice Flavors To Try This Summer

As the weather heats up, I find myself craving something fizzy and refreshing to quench my thirst. Plain water just doesn’t always cut it. That’s where Sparkling Ice comes in. This flavored carbonated water provides a delicious, healthier alternative to soda. With 0 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 sugar, you can enjoy the fruity fizziness without the guilty feeling.

Sparkling Ice offers 17 tantalizing flavors made with real fruit juice and natural flavors. The fizzy beverages come in sleek cans or bottles, making them perfect for on-the-go hydration. But with so many options to choose from, which flavors taste the best?

I decided to get my hands on all the Sparkling Ice varieties and rank the top 7. Keep reading to discover my picks for the very best Sparkling Ice flavors to sip this summer.

What is Sparkling Ice?

Before diving into the flavors, let’s take a quick look at what exactly Sparkling Ice is. This brand of carbonated water launched in 1992 in Preston, Washington. Since then, Sparkling Ice has expanded across North America and to countries like Australia, South Africa, and the UK.

The fruity fizzy waters are made with a combination of carbonation, real fruit flavors, colors from natural sources, vitamins, and antioxidants. This creates a light, refreshing beverage without the added sugar.

Sparkling Ice comes in zero-calorie options as well as varieties with green tea and caffeine for an energizing boost. The drinks are widely available online and in grocery stores, gas stations, drug stores, and mass retailers.

Now, let’s explore some tasty Sparkling Ice flavors!

1. Coconut Pineapple

My number one pick is Coconut Pineapple. This flavor instantly transports you to a tropical oasis. It’s a mouthwatering blend of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut.

Every sip provides the perfect balance of sweet pineapple and tangy citrus. The coconut flavor adds richness without being overly sweet. And the signature Sparkling Ice fizz gives it a clean, refreshing finish.

Crack open a cold can of Coconut Pineapple on a hot summer day. The vacation vibes are sure to put you in a sunny state of mind. It’s the ultimate choice for lounging poolside with friends.

2. Strawberry Lemonade

Next up is a classic flavor combo that’s ideal for backyard barbecues: Strawberry Lemonade. One sip takes me right back to the nostalgic strawberry lemonade stands of childhood summers.

This Sparkling Ice variety captures the essence of fresh, ripe strawberries. The juicy berry flavor tastes incredibly natural, not artificial. The lemon adds brightness and just the right amount of tartness.

I love customizing this one by adding more or less ice to control the sweetness. It’s especially satisfying paired with a slice of lemon. For a fun twist, use Strawberry Lemonade as the base for frosty blended cocktails.

3. Lemon Lime

No sparkling water brand would be complete without a Lemon Lime offering. Sparkling Ice delivers on this popular citrus flavor. It’s crisp, clean, and refreshing.

While many lemon lime beverages end up tasting overwhelmingly lemony, this one includes just the right balance. The lime adds depth and complexity that sets it apart. There’s still plenty of bright lemon flavor and acidity. But the lime provides a nice rounded character.

When you want zippy, zesty hydration, reach for the Lemon Lime Sparkling Ice. It’s energizing on a hot summer day straight from the can or served over ice.

4. Orange Mango

For more tropical vibes, go for the Orange Mango variety. This flavor combo evokes lazy days on a tropical getaway. Close your eyes, take a sip, and suddenly you’re basking beachside with the tangy orange mango essence.

The mango flavor provides luscious sweetness and richness. Meanwhile, the orange adds some tartness to temper the sweet factor. And of course, Sparkling Ice‘s signature bubbles give it a clean, crisp finish.

Keep a pack of Orange Mango cans in the cooler for flavorful hydration at your next barbecue, picnic, or day at the beach. The tropical flavors pair perfectly with the summer heat.

5. Black Raspberry

Here’s a bold Sparkling Ice flavor that’s quickly become a fan favorite: Black Raspberry. One sip of this variety really showcases the essence of fresh black raspberries.

It captures all the richness of just-picked berries with their deep, earthy flavors and subtle tartness. The flavor tastes juicy and fruity without even a hint of artificial sweetness. And the dark hue looks so refreshing poured over ice.

No matter the season or occasion, Black Raspberry Sparkling Ice is a winner. Keep a pack stashed at home and the office for fruit-powered hydration any time.

6. Fruit Punch

When you’re seeking that nostalgic fruit punch flavor, Sparkling Ice has you covered. This is a spot-on fruit punch with layers of mixed berry, citrus, apple, and tropical essence blended in fizzy perfection.

The flavor combination provides sweetness that’s beautifully offset by bright fruit acids. While it tastes indulgent, there’s no added sugar weighing it down.

I like to jazz up Fruit Punch Sparkling Ice by turning it into a popsicle or adding it to slushy cocktails. However you drink it, this punchy profile is a crowd-pleaser.

7. Grape Raspberry

Rounding out my top flavors list is Grape Raspberry. Sparkling Ice managed to capture the juicy sweetness of grapes with a deeper, more mature essence. It really does taste like an effervescent glass of grape juice – minus the sugar rush!

The grape flavor is so sweet and vibrant, it’s hard to believe there are no added sugars. Hints of tart raspberry help balance out the juicy grape tones. The hint of sophistication makes this one ideal for adult palates.

Pop a can of zesty Grape Raspberry over ice for a refreshing pick-me-up any time of day. It’s sweet enough to satisfy your cravings without the calories weighing you down.

Find Your Favorite Sparkling Ice Flavors

When it comes to fizzy, fruit-flavored refreshment, Sparkling Ice has something for every palate. The flavors taste amazingly crisp and natural. With 17 varieties, you can switch up your hydration routine.

I recommend starting with my top 7 flavor picks this summer. Coconut Pineapple, Strawberry Lemonade, and Fruit Punch make perfect hot weather companions. While classics like Grape Raspberry and Black Raspberry add lighter flavor options.

With zero sugar, carbs, and calories, feel free to sip your way through all the varieties. There are so many tasty ways to achieve better-for-you hydration. Let the fizzy fruit refreshment begin!

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