Best Crackers for Hummus Pairings

Hummus has become an extremely popular snack and dip in recent years. As someone who regularly enjoys hummus, I understand the significance of finding an appropriate cracker to serve alongside that creamy, garlicky chickpea goodness. The right textural contrast and flavor complement take the entire hummus-eating experience to the next level. Through research and repeated tasting sessions, I have discovered the ultimate best crackers for hummus that highlight the dip’s lush texture and earthy flavors.

What Characteristics Make Ideal Crackers for Hummus?

Before diving into my top recommendations, it’s important to understand what qualities make for the best crackers for hummus. The perfect cracker complement should check the following boxes:

Sturdy Texture

A delicate cracker will easily crumble under the thick texture of hummus. You need something sturdy enough to scoop up a sufficient amount of hummus without falling apart. Crackers for hummus should maintain integrity without becoming soggy.


A crisp, crunchy texture plays beautifully against the ultra-creamy hummus, giving you that ideal contrast of textures. Crispy crackers provide satisfying bites with each dip into the hummus.

Flavor Compatibility

Finding crackers for hummus with complementary flavors prevents the cracker from overpowering the star of the show. In most cases, you’ll want a relatively simple cracker flavor that highlights the nuttiness and subtle spices within hummus.

Healthy Ingredients

Part of what makes hummus so brilliant is that it delivers a mighty nutritional punch. Selecting a cracker made from wholesome ingredients like whole grains simply builds upon that healthy foundation. Going with crackers for hummus free from artificial additives also aligns with hummus’s clean, approachable ingredients.

The 5 Best Crackers for Hummus Pairings

After extensive personal testing of countless cracker varieties with traditional and unique hummus flavors, I present my picks for the top crackers to accompany everyone’s favorite chickpea dip.

Pita Chips

Given that pita chips come from the same dough as the pita pockets that often contain hummus, this seems like an obvious winner. Pita chips check all the boxes in terms of a crispy, sturdy texture along with a simple flavor that interplays beautifully with nutty hummus. I suggest going with low-sodium pita chips and seeking out whole grain varieties to increase the nutrition. Completely flavorless pita chips also do the job if you want the hummus flavor to shine.

Whole Grain Crackers

For those looking for a healthier option full of fiber, heart-healthy fats and protein, whole grain crackers make for an excellent pairing. Brands like Ak-Mak and Finn Crisp offer crunchy, sturdy crackers perfect for scooping a generous portion of hummus. Whole grain crackers host of wholesome ingredients and nutrients that only build upon hummus’s inherent health benefits. I’m a big fan of whole grain crackers with flax or sesame seeds baked in for a delightful crunch and nutty flavor that interplays so nicely with chickpeas.

Pretzel Crisps

For a slightly unconventional option, give Pretzel Crisps a try with your favorite hummus. The mini pretzel crackers offer a robust crunch and hint of salt that contrasts beautifully with cool, creamy hummus. And since Pretzel Crisps come in versions ranging from Cinnamon Sugar to Garlic Parmesan and Honey Mustard & Onion, you can play around with flavor combinations to keep things interesting. Feeling spicy? Go for the Buffalo Wing variety paired up with a cooling ranch hummus.

Bean Chips

What better way to round out a legume-based dip than with crispy crackers derived from beans? Black bean, lentil, and edamame chips make for hearty, protein-packed vessels ideal for excessive hummus dipping. You can find bean chip options ranging from delicately crisp to pleasingly sturdy depending upon your texture preference. And nothing beats the combination of chickpeas coming together with other legume cousins! When shopping, keep an eye out for bean chips without artificial flavors or preservatives for maximum nutrition.

Carr’s Crackers

To represent a high-quality classic, Carr’s crackers are my choice in the buttery round cracker category. These wholesome English crackers provide a rich, flaky texture and buttery, toasted flavor. That pleasant buttery note adds lush, savory layers to the hummus experience. When you need a cracker that exudes elegance and sophistication, go for Carr’s to elevate your hummus pairing to gourmet status.


What are some other tasty dips I can eat with these crackers?

While hummus holds a special place in my heart, I also adore these winning crackers paired up with baba ganoush, olive tapenade, tzatziki sauce, and guacamole. Basically, any dip that celebrates vegetables, herbs, and wholesome flavors pairs brilliantly with my recommended cracker options. So don’t hesitate to double dip!

Is it okay to serve cheese and these crackers with hummus?

A charcuterie board topped with hummus and crackers allows for ultimate snack customization. However, I’d recommend exercising some restraint with the cheese additions. Strong, pungent cheeses like blue cheese and Camembert can potentially overpower the nuanced flavors within hummus. Go for relatively mellow cheeses like goat cheese, Brie, fresh mozzarella or hummus’s best friend feta. You want the cheeses to complement, not conceal, that glorious hummus.

Is hummus a healthy protein source?

That’s an emphatic yes! Chickpeas pack in substantial amounts of plant-based protein, making hummus an excellent option for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone seeking more meatless meals. Combine hummus with my vitamin and fiber-filled recommended crackers, and you have a beautifully balanced, nourishing snack. Hummus also provides significant amounts of fiber to keep you satisfied and benefits gut health.

How long does store-bought hummus stay fresh?

Unopened, hummus can keep for 1-2 weeks beyond any “best by” date printed on the packaging. Once opened, it will maintain quality for 7-10 days when properly stored in an airtight container in the fridge. Be sure to smooth the surface of the hummus before refrigerating to prevent oxidation and premature spoiling. Portion out leftover hummus to retain freshness. And don’t forget to finish up your hummus before it goes bad!

The Takeaway: Find Your Perfect Crackers for Hummus Pairing

I hope my hummus-cracker tasting experiment has illuminated the best crackers for hummus to suit your preferences and snacking style. While my top recommendations cover standard criteria, don’t be afraid to get creative and discover your own stellar pairings. Push the hummus possibilities by playing with flavored versions like Roasted Red Pepper or Spicy Chipotle alongside complementary crackers. Just be sure to choose crackers with that ideal sturdy crunch factor capable of holding up to thick, creamy hummus with each and every dip. Happy snacking!

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