Best Chamoy Sauces Brands – Our Picks for Tangy, Sweet Heat

Chamoy sauce has exploded in popularity over the last few years. More and more people are discovering the wonders of this tangy, spicy and slightly sweet Mexican condiment. But with so many brands of chamoy sauce now available, how do you choose the best one?

I’ve tasted my way through countless varieties to bring you my picks for the top chamoy sauces that will bring flavorful excitement to fruits, snacks, drinks and more. Keep reading for the lowdown on what exactly chamoy sauce is, along with reviews of the best chamoy sauce brands to help you decide which bottle deserves a permanent spot in your pantry or fridge.

An Introduction to Chamoy Sauce

For those new to the chamoy scene, here’s a quick primer before we dive into the rankings.

Chamoy sauce originated in Mexico, where it’s used as a condiment for fruits, vegetables, snacks and street foods like elote (Mexican street corn) and mangonadas (mango chili popsicles). It brings a magical balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavors.

The main ingredients in chamoy sauce are pickled fruit (often pineapple, mango or apricot), lime juice, salt and chili peppers. The sweetness of the fruit contrasts beautifully with the tangy citrus and heat from the chilies.

Unlike a hot sauce that is all about the spice, chamoy sauce plays with your tastebuds by combining multiple dimensions of flavor. It excels at bringing a mouthwatering acidity and fruity pop to balance out rich or salty foods.

Beyond the iconic mangonadas, chamoy sauce has also become a popular drizzle for fresh fruits like watermelon, pineapple and cucumber. The mixture of sweet and sour is so addictive! It can also be used as a salty-spicy rim for cocktails in place of a traditional salted glass.

With its versatility to complement both sweet and savory foods, it’s no wonder chamoy has become a staple condiment in Mexican cuisine. Now let’s get to ranking the best chamoy sauce brands available today.

1. Tajín Chamoy Sauce

1. Tajín Chamoy Sauce

Tajín has dominated the Mexican seasoning market since 1985, but they expanded into sauces in recent years with their take on zesty chamoy.

Made by the established spice brand, you can count on Tajín’s chamoy sauce to be crafted with quality ingredients. They stick to the classics like pineapple, lime, chili pepper and sea salt.

What makes Tajín chamoy sauce stand out is how it really amplifies the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables. The sauce complements the flavor instead of overpowering it. I suggest drizzling it over fresh mango or pineapple for a mouthwatering dessert, or use it to rim a glass for fruity mocktails.

For those new to chamoy, Tajín’s version offers a gentle introduction with a milder chili pepper spice and more upfront sweetness compared to others on this list.

2. Suprema Chamoy Rim Paste Dip

2. Suprema Chamoy Rim Paste Dip

Here’s a chamoy sauce that breaks the mold – Suprema’s Chamoy Rim Paste Dip offers a unique take on the classic recipe.

While most chamoy sauces are thin liquids, this one has a thick, spreadable dip consistency. It combines chili peppers, sweet mango and that signature salty-sour chamoy flavor.

What I love about the paste format is its versatility for rimming glasses or spreading onto fruits. For a show-stopping presentation, rim your margarita or michelada glass with the Suprema dip, then add an extra dollop on top.

It’s fantastic on fresh fruit too. I recommend slicing watermelon, cucumbers, oranges or apples and dipping the pieces right into that tangy chamoy rim paste!

3. Amor Chamoy Sauce

3. Amor Chamoy Sauce

Amor is a classic brand when it comes to authentic chamoy sauce. Their recipe sticks close to the traditional preparation.

This chamoy sauce is often used on mangonadas, the popular Mexican street food dessert of mango, lime, chamoy sauce and Tajín seasoning blended into an icy treat. The mixture of chili spice, sweet mango and zesty chamoy is absolute perfection.

The acidic and salty flavors of Amor’s chamoy help cut through the sweetness of the mangos and fruit juice. It brings that essential sour tang to balance out the sugar.

If you’re looking to recreate popular street foods like elote and mangonadas at home, Amor chamoy sauce is a top choice to get the authentic flavor.

4. El Chilerito Chamoy Sauce

4. El Chilerito Chamoy Sauce

El Chilerito is a beloved brand when it comes to authentic Mexican chamoy sauce. Fans rave about the irresistible flavor that takes you right back to the streets of Mexico.

Made with the classic combo of apricot, mango, lime, salt and peppers, El Chilerito’s chamoy sauce brings a zesty, piquant kick balanced by just the right amount of sweetness.

A major bonus with this brand is that their original chamoy sauce contains zero calories. That makes it ideal for spicing up low-calorie snacks. I like drizzling it over fresh cucumber slices, pineapple chunks or popcorn for guilt-free indulgence.

5. Moralitos Sugar-Free Chamoy Sauce

5. Moralitos Sugar-Free Chamoy Sauce

Last but not least is Moralitos Sugar-Free Chamoy Sauce – an option tailor made for health-conscious chamoy lovers.

Finding a good sugar-free chamoy can be tough, but Moralitos nails it. They stick to the quintessential sweet-sour chamoy flavor without any added sugar.

It may be hard to believe, but this sauce replicates the sweetness beautifully using natural ingredients like apricot, mango and tamarind. There’s no need for extra sugar with the lush fruitiness.

Moralitos Sugar-Free Chamoy Sauce brings all the sweet, acidic and spicy notes you want from authentic chamoy, minus the added sugar. It’s an awesome way for diabetics or anyone watching their sugar intake to still enjoy this iconic Mexican condiment.

Final Thoughts

After tasting my way through the top chamoy sauce brands, Tajín, Amor, Suprema, El Chilerito and Moralitos come out on top for quality and flavor.

The complex blend of spicy, sweet, sour and salty makes chamoy an incredibly versatile sauce. It can transform fruits into desserts, bring a tangy kick to street corn, and make killer cocktails.

When using chamoy sauce, a little goes a long way. Start with a few drizzles over your chosen food, then add more to taste if you want an extra chamoy blast. For drinks, run a wedge of lime around the glass rim before dipping it into chamoy sauce for a picture-perfect presentation.

You can also mix chamoy with other condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise or hot sauce for even more flavor options. In traditional Mexican cuisine, it’s often paired with rich, spicy pork carnitas tacos to cut through the fat.

Thanks for joining me on this tasty exploration of the best chamoy sauces. I hope this guide helps you decide which brand to make your new go-to in the fridge. Now get out there and start saucing up your fruits, veggies, snacks and drinks with the magic of chamoy!

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