Top 10 Best Zaxby’s Sauce Flavors (2023 Ranked)

As a lover of fried chicken, I’m always on the hunt for the perfect dipping sauce to complement those golden, crispy tenders. In my opinion, no one does chicken fingers and signature sauces quite like Zaxby’s. Their range of mouthwatering condiments elevates a classic meal into a flavorful experience. If you’re new to the Zaxby’s sauce game, allow me to guide you through their ten best options so you can make an informed decision during your next visit.

An Introduction to Zaxby’s Legendary Sauces

For the uninitiated, Zaxby’s is a popular fast food chain known for serving up delicious chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches, salads, and more across the Southern United States. While their menu features a variety of crowd-pleasing items, Zaxby’s signature chicken tenders are often cited as the star of the show.

Of course, the flavor profile of any chicken fingers relies heavily on the sauce pairing. That’s where Zaxby’s signature selection of dipping sauces enters the picture. They’ve carefully crafted a lineup of condiments ranging from mild to fiery that complement their chicken beautifully. The sauce really takes these tenders to the next level, adding depth of flavor and character to every bite.

As someone who has tried them all, I’m going to walk through Zaxby’s ten best dipping sauces so you can determine which ones sound most appealing for your palate. From tongue-tingling spices to subtle sweetness, there’s a sauce fit for every preference. Let’s dive in!

10 Best Zaxby’s Sauce Flavors

#1 Wimpy – A Mild, Crowd-Pleasing Flavor

If you only try one Zaxby’s dipping sauce in your lifetime, make it the Wimpy. This original recipe combines garlic, butter, and a hint of vinegar to create a smooth, creamy condiment with a tangy zip. It provides a subtle depth of flavor without an overload of spice.

Of all their sauces, Wimpy tends to have the widest appeal. Kids, elders, and spice-averse diners will all enjoy dunking their chicken in this mild sauce. Though it may sound wimpy, the flavor profile is anything but! It’s perfectly balanced and not too overpowering. For many Zaxby’s fans, Wimpy takes the crown as the chain’s top sauce.

#2 Tongue Torch – A Zesty Crowd Favorite

Next up is Tongue Torch, which despite its spicy-sounding name, actually only provides a mild kick. This creamy, orange-hued sauce makes use of mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and vinegar to deliver a zesty flavor that beautifully complements Zaxby’s fried chicken.

Tongue Torch surprises your tastebuds with little bursts of tanginess in every dip. Unlike some fast food chain sauces that are overly simple, Tongue Torch has nuanced notes that keep you coming back for more. It truly tantalizes the tastebuds with a wonderful mixture of flavors.

Don’t let the name scare you off if you’re spice-averse. Tongue Torch has more of a zing than true heat. It’s mild enough for kids but complex enough for adults. This versatility makes it understandable why it’s a longtime fan favorite.

#3 Sweet and Spicy – A Complex Blend of Citrus and Heat

The Sweet and Spicy sauce lives up to its moniker by blending fruity, gingery citrus notes with a moderate kick of heat. When you smell this sauce, your nose picks up the bright aroma of ginger, garlic, onion, and red chili pepper.

Upon tasting, you’ll detect a tanginess from citrus flavors like lemon, lime, and orange which mingle with the slight piquancy of the chili pepper. There’s also a hint of sweetness to balance out the spice. Overall, it’s a dynamic blend of ingredients that pair sublimely with Zaxby’s fried fare.

I’d recommend Sweet and Spicy for those who enjoy some heat but don’t want to overpower the chicken’s flavors completely. It also pairs well with the chain’s Zalads or veggie plates if you’re craving a lighter option. The complexity of the sauce keeps tastebuds guessing with every bite.

#4 The Original Zax Sauce – A Signature Spicy Mayo

No rundown of Zaxby’s sauces would be complete without mentioning theirOriginal Zax Sauce. This creamy, yellow condiment serves as the fast food chain’s signature dip. It resembles a spicy mayonnaise with its smooth texture and tangy zip.

Upon tasting Zax Sauce, you’ll notice hints of garlic, onion, and a proprietary blend of spices like paprika, cayenne, and black pepper. It provides the perfect amount of heat to awaken your tastebuds without scorching them completely. The mayo-based sauce marries beautifully with the crisp texture of their chicken fingers.

As the name indicates, Zax Sauce delivers the quintessential Zaxby’s experience. It’s the OG, the perfect introduction to their lineup of flavors. Order a plate of chicken tenders with Zax Sauce for a true taste of what this chain is all about.

#5 Hot Honey Mustard – Sweet Meets Heat

For those who enjoy the sweetness of honey mustard coupled with spicy undertones, Hot Honey Mustard should top your list. This smooth sauce combines the tang of mustard with sweet honey, garlic, and onion punctuated by cayenne pepper.

Hot Honey Mustard starts off with an initial sweet taste, followed by a building heat that never fully overtakes the honey’s sugary goodness. You get the indulgence of honey sprinkled with the excitement of spicy flavors. It adds flair and character to otherwise ordinary chicken strips.

The sauce’s complex blend of sweet and savory makes it a crowd-pleaser. Kids will love the honey notes while adults can appreciate the sophisticated, multilayered flavors. Hot Honey Mustard works beautifully as a dip for chicken tenders or topping for sandwiches and salads.

#6 Insane – An Extremely Hot Sauce for Fiery Flavors

I need to come with a disclaimer before describing the Insane sauce – this is absolutely not one for the faint of heart! Made with a hefty dose of habanero peppers, Insane lives up to its name by packing some truly out-of-this-world heat.

While some fast food chains boast about “spicy” sauces that ultimately disappoint, Insane’s intense fire is completely genuine. We’re talking full-on, top-of-your-head-tingling spiciness that will leave even chili heads panting. Dipping your chicken in this sauce produces an instant bead of sweat.

Still, Insane isn’t just pure hotness for no reason. If you can handle the extreme spice level, you’ll notice the distinct flavor of the habaneros shining through. This sauce adds serious heat alongside tangible pepper flavor. Just have some milk on hand to tame the flames!

#7 Teriyaki – A Sweet and Tangy Asian-Inspired Sauce

Not every Zaxby’s sauce packs the spice. For those looking for a mellower, Asian-inspired flavor, Teriyaki hits the spot. It has a smooth texture and deep brown color derived from soy sauce, garlic, ginger and other enticing ingredients.

You’ll immediately detect notes of sweetness coupled with tanginess upon tasting Teriyaki. It’s a soy-based sauce, but not overly salty. The brown sugar adds sugary undertones that pair sublimely with Zaxby’s fried treats.

Teriyaki makes a nice break from the chain’s spicy, pepper-forward sauces. It injects a touch of Asian zing into your meal. Use it not only for chicken but also Zaxby’s Box Mealz options like rice bowls and egg rolls. The sweet and sour profile acts as the perfect complement.

#8 Buffalo Garlic Blaze – Best of Both Worlds

Can’t decide between buffalo and garlic parmesan? Zaxby’s solved that conundrum with their Buffalo Garlic Blaze Sauce. This milky, orange dip blends the zing of classic buffalo sauce with the richness of garlicky flavors.

Compared to traditional buffalo chicken dipping sauces, Buffalo Garlic Blaze has enhanced creaminess from mayonnaise and sour cream. The dill and garlic provide a tangy, cool contrast to the cayenne pepper heat. There are even small flecks of black pepper to keep your interest piqued.

While it’s spicy, the garlic edge cuts down the heat level making it more palatable for those not accustomed to buffalo’s full firepower. This sauce unlocks a whole new way to enjoy Zaxby’s wings, tenders or sandwiches for something creative and outside the box.

#9 Spicy Zax Sauce – An Amped Up Signature Dipping Sauce

Remember the OG Zax Sauce I mentioned earlier? Well, Zaxby’s decided to turn up the heat by creating Spicy Zax Sauce. This amped up version packs all the tangy, creamy flavor of the original but with an extra blast of cayenne and chili pepper.

At first taste, you’ll recognize the nostalgic mayo and spice blend that put Zax Sauce on the map. But almost immediately, the chili pepper intensity takes hold, lighting up your tastebuds with a fiery tingle.

While the OG Zax Sauce already had a kick, Spicy Zax takes it to the next level. Feel free to slather this spicy creation on everything from chicken strips to crinkle fries for an extra dose of flavor. It handles the heat beautifully while maintaining the original’s creamy texture.

#10 Nuclear – Bring the Full Heatwave

Finally, the most incendiary sauce in the Zaxby’s arsenal – the Nuclear sauce. Next to the Insane, Nuclear is the hottest dipping sauce on the menu. This smooth, crimson condiment uses a proprietary blend of peppers to achieve its off-the-charts heat index.

Upon first taste, Nuclear doesn’t mess around – it provides an instant burst of burning spiciness that flares your senses alive. While it doesn’t use ghost peppers or Carolina reapers, it still delivers a wallop of heat that lingers on your tastebuds long after the dip.

I’d suggest Nuclear for extreme spice lovers. It will add serious firepower to ratchet up boring chicken into a more thrilling, sweat-inducing experience. Just have plenty of water or milk ready to temper the Nuclear aftermath!

Conclusion – Spice Up Your Chicken Tenders at Zaxby’s

After reviewing Zaxby’s 10 best dipping sauces, my mouth is watering just imagining all that flavor potential! Their sauce lineup truly completes the Zaxby’s chicken finger experience, adding excitement, depth, and versatility to every bite.

The next time you visit a Zaxby’s location, take time to experiment with new sauces beyond the standard ketchup and ranch. Whether you crave subtle zing or five alarm fiery flavor, you’re sure to discover a sauce that suits your tastes among their range of options.

So spice up your chicken tender experience and let Zaxby’s signature sauces give even ordinary fried food an extra kick of flavor! Your tastebuds will thank you for venturing beyond the basics into their crave-worthy collection of condiments.

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